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 Ko-Falen Cultural Center
Ko-Falen Cultural Center seeks to promote cultural, artistic and educational exchanges between the people of the United States and Mali through art workshops, dance, music and ceremony. We believe that a greater understanding and respect between people can be reached through these personal exchanges.
[posted: May 11, 2009]
 Cross Cultural Collaborative
"Cross Cultural Collaborative is an educational non-profit that invites people to Ghana to promote cultural exchange and understanding through the arts." On the 'workshops' page you can read about all their past and upcoming programs bringing Ghanaian and foreign artists together. Past programs include mosaic murals, ceramic furniture, etching, pottery, raku and story collecting.
[posted: Mar 06, 2004]
 Stockholm Challenge Award
An international competition for projects that focus on the benefits and changes that information technology can bring to communities.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 The Crafts Center at CHF International
The Crafts Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of low-income artisans around the world by increasing their economic independence and supporting crafts production that respects fair trade and labor practices, cultural traditions, and the environment.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Ethiopian Art Heritage Project
"The Ethiopian Art Heritage Project was created to document the paintings and other art forms preserved in Christian churches, both visually and verbally, before more deteriorates or is lost... Dissemination will be through the publication of books and articles, and on the Internet."
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 CAMA Archive Project
"CAMA (Contemporary African Music & Arts) is a multi-media documentary initiative for African arts and culture, based in the Faculty of Science and Montebello Design Centre at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The CAMA Archive Project focuses on documenting and disseminating audio-visual materials about the lives and work of artists, musicians and others who create culture in Africa."
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
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