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 Sayings on East African Cloths
Khangas use a variety of African sayings, idioms, proverbs, slogans, expressions, idioms and riddles in Swahili and English. This article lists 308 sayings found on Khangas in Kenya and Tanzania. Collected and edited by Rev. Joseph G. Healey, of the Maryknoll Society mission in Tanzania. [pdf document]
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Learning from craft taxonomies: development and a Yoruba textile tradition
A research paper on the aso-oke handwoven cloth industry. "The resilience of Yoruba indigenous hand-woven cloth industries has been proven again and again, as forces of change have tested the readiness of weavers to adapt to shifts in taste, competition from outside markets, changing technologies, and the lure of modern-sector occupations."
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 The exhibition and conservation of African objects: considering the nontangible
Addressed to conservators, "this paper is an attempt to look at nontangible attributes associated with African objects and how these attributes affect treatment decisions that we make in a nonindigenous setting, that is, in art conservation laboratories, studios, or exhibition planning meetings." By Stephen P. Mellor, published in the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Kuba Textiles: An Introduction
Describes the various production techniques (embroidery, applique, patchwork and dyeing) for making Kuba raffia cloths. Plus some conservation tips from the author, Ann Svenson, Assistant Textile Conservator, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Published in the Western Association for Art Conservation newsletter.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 African images of the exotic European
A short article about the depiction of early European travellers and colonisers by indigenous Africans, written by Patricia Davison of the South African Museum in Cape Town.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Baule cloth
A short article about the weavings of the Baule people of central Ivory Coast. Written by Patricia Davison of the South African Museum in Cape Town.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 The art of Ndebele beadwork
This article considers the history and the beadmaking traditions of the Ndebele. Written by Lindsay Hooper of the South African Museum in Cape Town.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Masks Rock Africa's Cradle of Voodoo, Explorer Says
A short article in National Geographic about present day Gelede and Egungun mask dances in Benin and Togo.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Unique Dogon Culture Survives in West Africa
A short article in National Geographic about present day rituals and dances among the Dogon in Mali.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
 Lamidi Olonade Fakeye: Yoruba Master Sculptor
"This retrospective presents four decades of wood sculpture—the artistic legacy of Lamidi Fakeye, a fifth generation member of the celebrated Fakeye woodcarving family of Ila Orangun, Nigeria." This excellent web site was produced as part of an exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum.
[posted: Mar 04, 2004]
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