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Slideshow: Adinkra Stamping Symbols
adinkra stamp
Nyame Dua: God's Altar - symbol of the presence of God
We are particularly honored to have worked in developing a web presence for the following organizations, which are doing wonderful work promoting artists in Africa - we hope you will visit their web sites as well to learn more about them.
Cross Cultural Collaborative
An educational non-profit that invites people to Ghana to promote cultural exchange and understanding through the arts. "Our vision is to place people from different life experiences in an environment where they can exchange ideas and find universal connections".
visit their website
Nike Centre for Art and Culture
Founded by Nigerian batik artist Nike Davies Okundaye, the Centre supports endangered Nigerian arts, by training textile artists, painters, sculptors, dancers and drummers. Offers workshops in indigo dying and sculpting, painting and quilting, drumming and dancing and tours for overseas visitors.
visit their website
Obatala Centre for Creative Arts
A resource centre for artists and scholars situated in Iragbiji, a Yoruba town in the south-western part of Nigeria. Her unique geographical position gives this ancient town a conducive environment for all artistic and cultural endeavours.

visit their website

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