Dietra Montague
designer of spiritual spaces, USA


DIETRA MONTAGUE is an entrepreneur, cultural anthropologist and creator of environmental designs. She has worked and studied actively to assimilate into her craft the music, dance, language and other cultural art expressions of indigenous peoples throughout the world.

Special Skills

Ms. Montague has successfully synthesized the knowledge gained from her travels and studies into three unique anthropological services:
Educational slide/lecture demonstrations on African textiles, adornment and gemology
Design and installation of ancestral shrines and spiritual altars
Performance theater presentations of Afro-Cuban and Haitian movements to jazz and the indigenous North African dance of Morocco

Business Management

Ms. Montague has over fifteen (15) years of artistic display, retail and wholesale experience:
The Smithsonian Institute, National Museum of African Art Gift Shop, Washington, DC
Independently operated several small businesses in Africa and the United States: Montague & Associates, Washington, DC; Montague Imports, Ojai CA; Scrimshaw Gifts & Collectibles, Ventura, CA; African Rhythm Club, Tangier, Morocco.
Imported and exported raw and natural merchandise from Africa, Latin and South America and Europe: textiles, gemstones, minerals and crafts

in cultural anthropology, art and history

San Francisco State University, S.F., CA
Gemological Institute of America, Santa Monica, CA
Florida Jr. College, Jacksonville, FL
University District of Columbia, Washington, D. C.

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