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Gilbert "Bobbo" Ahiagble
Ewe Kente weaver, Ghana

Craft Institute of Kente Weaving

The Craft Institute of Kente Weaving (CIKW) was built and is directed by Gilbert "Bobbo" Ahiagble, a 3rd generation Master Weaver from the Agbozume-Denu area. For 25 years Mr. Ahiagble has demonstrated, lectured and taught Kente weaving in schools and museums across the USA, Canada, Switzerland and the Ivory Coast. Mr. Ahiagble teaches together with top professional weavers of Ewe Kente cloth on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

  • school is open year round
  • beginners, intermediate, advanced students welcome
  • individual classes, families and groups
  • each student works at his/her own loom
  • 1-day; 1-week; 2-week and 3-week classes offered
  • full room and board included on school premises

For the student's perspective, please read these wonderful accounts of two Ghanaian weaving experiences:

I was a student in another world...
by Heather Wells

Report on a trip to Ghana to learn traditional weaving techniques
by Emilia Bess Karr

For more information on signing up for classes at the CIKW -- and optionally combining it with other travels or workshops in Ghana -- please contact Aba Tours.

Aba Tours promotes cultural understanding through the arts. They take Americans to Ghana to live and work in traditional crafts villages and to interact on a personal level with Ghanaians. Aba Tours seeks to put people from different backgrounds together where they can learn from each other and find a universal connection. Tours are facilitated by Ellie Schimelman an art educator who has studied and researched traditional crafts in Ghana for over 20 yrs. Ellie is the director of Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc., a non-profit cultural organization in Accra, Ghana which is the headquarters for visiting students and scholars.

A sample tour: Indigenous Crafts And Culture In Ghana
This program is open to students and professionals of many fields who are interested in the traditional crafts and culture of Ghana. Participants are offered a variety of opportunities to explore African culture through directly working with master craftspeople. They will visit galleries, museums and places of historic and cultural interest. They will visit contemporary and traditional artists/craftspeople. After this orientation they will spend one week working with a Master in one of the following skills:

Kente weaving traditional pottery basket making sand-cast beads

Includes: one week study with Master Craftsperson, accommodations, 3 meals a day, transportation in Ghana, entrance fees, lessons, English speaking guide, all taxes and service charges. Not included: bottled water and other drinks, airfare (Aba Tours can help purchase tickets).

If you have a group of 15 or more there is one free tour.

Contacting ABA TOURS
To visit the Aba Tours website click here.

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