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photo gallery: Adinkra stamps
John Nash

photo gallery: Agbamevoza: Agotime Traditional Area Kente Festival
John Nash

The Potters of Sirigu
Ann Schunior

Malinke motifs: a sampling
Amidou Coulibaly

Ewe Kente warps: a sampling
Gilbert Ahiagble

West African strip-cloth weaving: slideshow
Louise Meyer

How the Krobo make glass beads: slideshow
Nomoda Djaba

Ewe Kente motifs: a sampling
Gilbert Ahiagble

A children's book
Louise Meyer

Traveling in Eastern Africa, encounters with weavers
Estelle Carlson

Anansi's Gift of the Magic Thread
Estelle Carlson

Report on a trip to Ghana to learn traditional weaving techniques
Emilia Bess Karr

I was a student in another world...
Heather Wells