Viewing Tips
Well, we certainly don't want to suggest that you should change any settings on your computer just to better view our little website. However, we would like to offer some viewing tips that could make viewing any website more pleasurable, in case you were not aware you had the option...

Closing some toolbars
Browsers often will come by default with all, or too many at any rate, of their toolbars open. This takes up valuable screen real estate, which should really be used to view websites (the purpose of browsers, no?). Besides, all the functions of the buttons on the toolbars are available in the top menu. To close any toolbars, simply uncheck them from the browser's "options" menu.

If your monitor is set to view only 256 colors, you will be very pleasantly surprised by how much nicer the world looks with 16-bit or higher colors. On a PC, click the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop. Then click "properties", click the "settings" tab, and choose at least 16-bit from the drop-down list for color palette. On a Mac, under the Apple menu choose the control panel and then "monitors and sound". Increase the color depth as much as you can.

Screen size
If you're tired of all the scrolling that websites require and your monitor is set to display 640x480 pixels, then you might want to consider incrementing the desktop area. The drawback of course is that everything becomes smaller, but a lot of people with 15" monitors (and certainly with 17" monitors) prefer setting the monitor to 800x600 pixels. Try it, you can always switch back. On a PC, click the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop. Then click "properties", click the "settings" tab, and choose the desired "desktop area".

And some tips for getting around

On some pages of our website we've made use of Javascript in order to get "pop-up" windows. That's where a smaller window pops up to display a picture or a sequence of pages (in some situations it just seemed to be a neat interface). But for this to work your browser must be javascript enabled. That means it must be Netscape version 2 or later, or MSIE (Internet Explorer) version 3 or later. Also, javascript must be enabled (you can check this in the "preferences" or "options" menu).

Navigation tips
On most pages there is a menu on the left-hand side that leads to the major sections of the website: "craftspeople", "artists", "designers" and "shops", as well as "home" (and from there you can reach anything). There will also be other menus on the left that you can click on for pages relevant to the area of the site you're looking at.

Image quality
Varies! Some photos on were taken by professional photographers, others, well, were not. Also, all photos are reduced in quality in order to download at a better speed over the Internet. However, if things look really awful it might be that your monitor is set to 256 colors - if so, see "colors" above.